Thursday, June 22, 2017

Climate and Persipatation

In the east african savanna the tempeture ranges from 90ºf to 64ºF. Altough some years on a cold day the tempeture can fall below 64f. T he rainy season canlast from 7 to 9 months a year. When there in the rainy there rain usually comes from Indian Ocean. Witch is located east of Africa.

  • it can rain up to 12in to 20in

It start starts in Janury and ends in April. when the rainy season stops it is very dry. Even though there is no rain it could get cooler in then therainy season then the dry season. Alsosometimes during the dry season it can reach above 90ºF even though 90ºF is the averg every year in the savanna.