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NCHS Information and Communication Technology team: Left to right: Michelle Luhtala, Marilyn Block, Sue Jacobsen, Taffy Rodell, Dan Ambrosio, Christina Russo, Mariana Psenicnik, Cathy Swan, Tom Honohan

Library Staff: (615) 669 6670 (call or text)

Mr. Ambrosio: Fairfield University Student Teacher at NCHS since 2012 (203) 594 4623
Ms. Block: Secretary at NCHS since 1998 (203) 594 4635
Mr. Honohan: Technology Integration Teacher at NCHS since 2007 (203) 594 4738
Ms. Jacobsen: Secretary at NCHS since 1993 (203) 594 4630
Ms. Luhtala: Library Dept. Chair at NCHS since 2001 (817) 458 8692 (call or text)
Ms. Psenicnik: Instructional Assistant since 2008 (203) 594 4623
Ms. Rodell: Technician at NCHS since 1988 (203) 594 4632
Ms. Russo: School Librarian at NCHS since 2004 (203) 594 4634
Ms. Swan: at NCPS since 1983, Technology Integration Teacher since 2002 (203) 594 4631

Library Collection:

Acqusitions decisions are guided by our Materials Selection Policy.


We offer a selection of roughly 22,000 print books. To view collection, use the online catalog .


We have over 1400 eBooks, including a large number of reference books. Our ebooks can all be accessed directly through the online catalog or on the  database page , Gale Virtual Reference Library. What follows are some examples of the eContent we carry. The complete collection is accessible via Destiny, our online catalog, and it is only accessible to New Canaan High School students, faculty, and staff.

Africa: An Encyclopedia for Students , 4v, 2002
American Decades , 10v, 2001
American Decades Primary Sources , 10v, 2004
American Eras , 8v, 1997
American History Through Literature 1820-1870 , 3v, 2006
American Inaugurals: The Speeches, The Presidents, and Their Times , 2002
American Women Writers: A Critical Reference Guide from Colonial Times to the Present , 2nd ed., 4v, 2000
Americans at War , 4v, 2005
Ancient Civilizations Reference Library , 3v, 2000
Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students , 4v, 1998
Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians , 6v, 2001
Biology , 4v, 2002
Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th-Century America , 5v, 2002
CDs, Super Glue, and Salsa , 2v, 2003
Checks and Balances: The Three Branches of the American Government , 3v, 2005
Chemical Elements: From Carbon to Krypton , 3v, 2006
Child Development, 2002
Colonial America Reference Library , 6v, 2000
Countries and Their Cultures , 4v, 2001
Countries of the World and Their Leaders Yearbook 2010 , 2v, 2010
Crime and Punishment in America Reference Library , 5v, 2005
Dictionary of American History , 3rd ed., 10v, 2003
Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History , 2nd ed., 6v, 2006
Encyclopedia of Cancer , 2nd ed., 4v, 2002
Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion , 3v, 2005
Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice , 2nd ed., 4v, 2002
Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice , 2nd ed., 4v, 2002
Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence and Security , 3v, 2004
Encyclopedia of Food and Culture , 3v, 2003
Encyclopedia of India , 4v, 2006
Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture , 2nd ed., 6v, 2008
Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered History in America , 3v, 2004
Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered History in America , 3v, 2004
Encyclopedia of Modern Asia , 6v, 2003
Encyclopedia of Modern China , 4v, 2009
Encyclopedia of Modern China , 4v, 2009
Encyclopedia of Population , 2v, 2003
Encyclopedia of Religion , 2nd ed., 15v, 2005
Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics , 4v, 2005
Encyclopedia of Small Business , 3rd ed., 2v, 2007
Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa , 2nd ed., 4v, 2004
Encyclopedia of Western Colonialism since 1450 , 3v, 2007
Encyclopedia of World Biography , 2nd ed., 23v, 2004
Encyclopedia of World Cultures , 10v, 1996
Europe 1789-1914: Encyclopedia of the Age of Industry and Empire , 5v, 2006
Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages , 5v, 2004
Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America , 2nd ed., 3v, 2000
Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History , 2v, 1999
Genetics , 4v, 2003
Governments of the World: A Global Guide to Citizens' Rights and Responsibilities , 4v, 2006
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia , 2nd ed., 17v, 2003
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia , 2nd ed., 17v, 2003
Harlem Renaissance , 2001
History of World Trade Since 1450 , 2v, 2006
International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family , 2nd ed., 4v, 2003
Learning About the Holocaust: A Student's Guide , 4v, 2001
Mathematics , 4v, 2002
New Dictionary of the History of Ideas , 6v, 2005
Nonfiction Classics for Students: Presenting Analysis, Context, and Criticism on Nonfiction Works , 5v, 2003
Psychologists and Their Theories for Students , 2v, 2005
Real-Life Math , 2v, 2006
Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students , 4v, 2004
Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film , 4v, 2007
St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture , 5v, 2000
Supreme Court Drama: Cases That Changed America , 4v, 2001
Supreme Court Drama: Cases That Changed America , 4v, 2001
Terrorism: Essential Primary Sources , 2006
The Crusades Reference Library , 4v, 2005
The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine , 3rd ed., 4v, 2009
The Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders , 2nd ed., 2v, 2006
The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine , 3rd ed., 5v, 2006
The Middle Ages: An Encyclopedia for Students , 4v, 1996
The Sixties in America Reference Library , 4v, 2005
UXL American Decades , 11v, 2003
UXL Encyclopedia of Landforms and Other Geologic Features , 3v, 2004
UXL Encyclopedia of World Biography , 10v, 2003
UXL Graphic Novelists , 3v, 2007
West's Encyclopedia of American Law , 2nd ed., 13v, 2004
Witchcraft in America , 2001
Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia , 17v, 2002
Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia , 17v, 2002
World of Earth Science , 2v, 2003
World Religions Reference Library , 6v, 2007
World War I Reference Library , 4v, 2002
World War II Reference Library , 5v, 2000
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices , 3v, 2006


By combining district, town and state databases, students at NCHS have access to over sixty databases. The database page is password protected, but here is our list.    

ABC-CLIO - All Modules
Academic OneFile
Access World News
African-American Experience
American Obituaries and Death Notices
Associated Press Images
Biography and Genealogy Master Index
Biography Resource Center
Business & Company Resource Center
Business NewsBank (1993-)
Connecticut Newspapers
D&B Million Dollar Directory
Dallas Morning News Historical Archive
Discovering Collection
Educational Video Online
Educator's Reference Complete
eLibrary Science
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Expanded Academic ASAP
General InfoTrac OneFile
Gale Virtual Reference Library
General Reference Center - Gold
Global Issues in Context
Global NewsBank
Grzimeks Animals Online
Health & Wellness Resource
HeritageQuest (Only works from home)
History Resource Center - United States
History Resource Center - World
InfoTrac Junior Edition
InfoTrac Student Edition
Kids InfoBits
Literature Database
Medline Plus
New Canaan Newspapers
NewsBank NewsFile Collection with Periodicals (1992-)
NewsBank Public Library Collection (1992-)
NewsBank Retrospective (1970-1991)
NewsBank Science Source Collection (1987-)
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
ProQuest Historical Newspapers
ProQuest Platinum Full-Text periodicals (may drop soon)
ProQuest Professional Educator Collection
Psychology Collection
SIRS Decades
Science Resource Center
United Streaming
What Do I Read Next?


We catalog websites that our relevant to the New Canaan High School curriculum on a ongoing basis. They are accessible through our online catalog .


We have over 250 Books in either CD or cassette format


We have over 1200 DVDs (and a few VHS tapes from the old days) to support the curricular needs of teachers and students at New Canaan High School ( list of resources , must log in to Google Apps account to view). You can also check for individual titles in the online catalog .


Our magazine selection is fairly concise. We focus on periodicals that are not indexed in our periodical databases like ProQuest Platinum and General OneFile. The following  is a list of the magazines we carry ( magazine descriptions ):

American Libraries
Car and Driver
Consumer Reports
France Amerique
Guitar Player
Inside Lacrosse
Motor Trend
National Geographic
New Yorker
Road and Track
Rolling Stone
School Library Journal
Sports Illustrated
US News & World Report
Vanity Fair
VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)


Our newspaper collection is relatively small. We are looking for a sponsor to purchase a subscribtion to the Wall Street Journal for our collection. The following is a list of newspapers we carry:

New Canaan News - Review
New York Times
Stamford Advocate
USA Today

New Canaan High School Core Values and Beliefs Statement

New Canaan High School is committed to preparing all students to meet the challenges of living in an increasingly global and diverse society. We believe that students learn best in an environment that fosters respect for themselves and others. This allows students to be active participants in their learning, to identify and solve authentic problems and to effectively share their learning with the appropriate audiences. In partnership with parents and the community, we strive to inspire students to the habits of mind and character that will make them lifelong learners.