Science Field Trip!
   On November 13th, Green Team students are becoming Shore Ecologists. We will be joining the Maritime Center at Calf Pastures to engage students in some real-world hands -on experiences. The fieldtrip form can be found on the district website, but if you can't find it, here is the link: https://newcanaan.schoolcashonline.com/. This exploration will provide students with background knowledge for our up-coming unit so it is very beneficial. I hope all can join. 

Lunch and Learn sign up here Lunch and Learn is a pin-drop-quiet place to go during lunch and recess where you can eat lunch, read, do homework, or make up work.  We have two rooms available each day, so sign up early.

Important Note about Computer Access and Printers

We use Microsoft Office Word for Windows and also Google Docs at school. We recommend that students have consistent access to a computer for homework. Please let the teachers know if computer access is a problem.

If you have a Mac, you will need Microsoft Word for Mac.

If you do not have access to a home printer, please use Google Docs and you may print the document at school.